Poetic State Of Mind

24/7: A Nation Will Rise

If death were a wave and our lives as sinking as sand,
We would fade away within a hit, with our corpses left on land,

Shuffled like a deck of cards, we approach each day like a trial, we are always on stand,
Our moves though calculated are short of tricks,
How do you win when your chips are played into the Lords hand?

We weep, we moan,
What is done is done, point made
This life isn’t our own,

We lost a leader and a father,
A nation in pain but yet the heartless ask “why bother?”

Why ask questions of irrelevance?
Suddenly being a joker has become an excuse for immature reasoning and petulance,

Lord forgive their ignorance,

A nations tears can not be drained,
Like a stormy rain, a nations tears can not be tamed,

Like a broken picture, off a wall,
This land is the picture, we are the frame,
and our glass shield has faded and taken a mighty fall,

Broken but full of hope,
A nation will rise again and faith will be our jump rope
To skip past the negativity and hatred,
To live United and not have our hearts Black burned and relegated,

Uncle, Egya, you leave us with great grief,
Words are less of a premium to jot down let alone speak,

From celebrating your life to mourning your death all in a week,
The pulse of a nation have missed a heartbeat,

As we bid you farewell today let it be known that you have paved the way,
The path for a nation to rise again from the ashes of division and animosity’s tray through the message of peace,

The path for a nation to heal and live together in humility

Your Excellency, how to end this piece has filled my head with dilemma and mass ambiguity,
Even in your death you sleep peacefully another example of how blissful your life was and your profound pedigree,

Till we meet again soon, may the stripes of red, gold and green with the black star roll out like a carpet from the clouds to your heavenly nest,

As the anthem plays and we place our right hands on our chest,
May you look down and embrace us as we say in our hearts and prayers “Paapa rest”

Da yei Uncle Atta, da yei….


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