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Words Of Inspiration (#150)

I believe anger is a state of mind and one which can be dealt with by focusing on positive thoughts or objects around you. Yes there are people who are angered everyday, but you have to ask yourself this; do their boiling tempers cool down?

The answer is YES! I mean imagine if they didn’t. They’d all be dead by now right? Exactly.

Here’s the deal, anger can be compared to a molten hot lava. The volcano is the heart and once it gets heated, it erupts. Of course the difference here is that a volcano needs time to cool off, the heart however can either decide to cool off instantly or behave like a volcano and take its time to cool off.

The effects of anger have never been in the dark. They either leave you bitter and outcast from the rest of the world or ultimately, leave you dead. The question is, why get angered over all issues. I understand some issues may require that but these days people will get angry over anything.

Issues of less weight or substance should not be given the chance for your wrath take control over. In the same length, issues that do deserve anger should be controlled quickly rather than dragged on. A breakthrough can never can happen when you’re angry and plus you drain out all emotions and energy within you.

So what’s the best way to deal with anger? Considering that anger is more of a negative, your focus should be on positive thoughts. Within every fault or situation, find the positives and build around those positives. Some situations would demand that you let go of whatever emotions or energy you hold. Do so with critical analysis and precision.

In addition to thoughts, you can focus on activities. It could be anything, reading, sports, crossword puzzles, any activity that takes your mind off the situation, PERMANENTLY not temporarily. Only time it becomes temporary is when you need to give yourself time to assess, come to terms and find a solution to the situation.

Family is the closest to peace on earth that you may rely on in terms of frustrations. Some families have their odd members but then again which family doesn’t? Morally, your family gives you that sense of stability, calmness and tranquility, and when all fails, you can always rely on them to weather the storm.

Ultimately, God grants peace to our soul and though beliefs may vary, the highest being depending on what your beliefs maybe should always be the 1st line of contact when tempers boil.

The key phrase for today: “Happy Thoughts & Acts”. Feed your soul with positivity irrespective of how many times your temper amber maybe flicked on.

Happiness in the heart, is nutrient for the soul to grow stronger and blissfully.


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