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Words Of Inspiration (#152)

We try as much as possible to avoid second takes in life. Second takes here being second attempts @ everything we do but question is, are these takes a fortunate stroke of luck or do they spell redemption for failing in the maiden effort?

I’m encouraged to use the story of the basketball player, Lebron James story to answer these questions. Brief and concise. Born and raised in Cleveland, James was the franchise of his hometown team, Cleveland Cavaliers. He was undeniably the best in the league.

An MVP tag, but he still lacked that thing every basketball craved for. A Championship ring, so when Miami Heat came knocking on his door, it was pretty much a no brainer move for him.

In his 1st season @ Heat, he failed to win the Championship because he tried to prove too much. Call it “Mr I Can Do It All”. The disappointment of that failure spurred him on to last season, and he finally got he had been craving simply by playing his normal game.

Some of you might ask, what’s the point? You see, James had succeeded in being Cavs main man for past season, but he had not succeeded in attaining the personal accolade of his career, the Championship. So he made the transition and was given a shot to make his dream come true.

There are 2 things to note here.
1. His move to Heat was branded not loyal. However he was being given a 2nd chance to attain his dream.

2. He failed his 1st take with the Heat and was given another take to redeem himself.

Put these 2 facts together and you can clearly see that although a player of his caliber was playing his best game, he was not attaining those goals he had hoped for when maybe he should have been.

The same way, in life we are given 2nd takes for opportunities that we know we should easily jump onto. Not only that but also in situations where rather than being pessimists, we become optimists. Our failures are always 1st takes and our immediate response becomes our 2nd take.

In a way yes, it is our redemption. To redeem ourselves for not pushing the extra mile, for not being focused, for taking things for granted but most importantly, for not giving up.

Many are called, few are chosen. If you haven’t appreciated the 2nd chances that life has given you and continues to give you, when will you?


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