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Words Of Inspiration (#154)

I believe efforts shouldn’t go unnoticed, at the same time they shouldn’t be wasted as well. Patience and confidence are two vital principles that are needed to support this claim. If everyone could for one second understand the value of these 2 principles, we could all achieve much more than we may even wish to initially.

I believe our best efforts in life are that which come out of being patient, waiting for the right move and then having the confidence to take that move. Many of us have that problem to strike with confidence. Instead we strike with fear, and that fear sometimes causes us to be impatient.

Where’s the rush? When you have ample time to look @ an opportunity or situation, when you have that much time to carefully strategise a plan, is it not obvious you seize that moment to aim and aim well?

Yet what do we see these days? Haste decisions, fear, low self esteem, these are all agents of negativity and the sooner we come out of that shell, the better. Its quite ridiculous to see people waste their efforts over minute stumbling blocks or mini errors.

If you can’t pick yourself up now, then ask yourself, “when?”.

Listen, life is not complicated, but its not a stroll in the park as well. You have to work your ass off to win, and you need that winning mentality to have that edge to win. You develop that edge out of desire. How much you show determines how much you want to win.

Stumbling blocks just serve as a reminder that there will be times when you will get hit and its not about the number of times you fall, but how you react or respond. Learn to take hits like a boxer, on the chin and each time you do get hit, react stronger and harder.

The message today is simple, be confident in all your efforts. Do not be afraid to take the bold steps and decisions, and where patience demands its presence, be courteous to let it in. Also, rise from hits with much stronger hits of your own. Let that winning mentality drive spur you on.


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