Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#155)

Don’t expect people to make time for you when you can’t make time for them. Its a natural response. Call it a reflex action or whatever you want, but this is the plain gospel truth. Now don’t get this twisted with giving some people space to clear out any personal issues they may have to deal with.

Communication and love are essential to life longevity. Everyone needs someone or some people to talk to every single day, irrespective of what the topic might be. In effect, its not about the topics you discuss, but the love that’s present @ that moment.

The fact that you are being able to communicate with that person or those people means there is a presence of love amongst you and this is healthy. However when you are not able to make time for those people do not expect them to be hanging around.

Yes there may be those who may be secretly plotting against or wanting something from you, but really, if @ this stage in your career you can’t tell squares from your circles, then you have huge issues ahead of you.

In reality there are few people who will persist and keep trying to seek your time, but while they do this, bear in mind that they have a limit for doing this. The mind and heart are two delicate organs and once overworked or over stretched, trouble looms.

There is nothing wrong with making @ least 10mins of your schedule regardless of how busy you might be to attend to someone or some people who may need your time. Those 10mins could save a life.

They could console and reassure a life. They can give hope and most importantly, bring joy and a smile which I believe is the best physical attribute that anyone could have.

You would want to do this so as to not put yourself in a position where when you also need time from someone else, you wouldn’t be snubbed. No there is nothing karma about this, its just the way life is. After all, the bible does say “Do Unto Others What You Want Others To Do Unto You”

It won’t hurt making time for someone today. A simple call, text message or visit will go a long way in reaffirming your position in that persons life as a friend or loved one rather than just a stranger.


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