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Words Of Inspiration (#156)

How many of your goals and resolutions have you fulfilled? As we draw nearer towards the end of what’s been another year full of emotional twists, I think its time we look back @ personal targets we set for the year and see how far we’ve reached. It will shock you to know that some of us have still not fulfilled that of last year or years back but yet we’ve managed to add new ones and haven’t even fulfilled that either.

Assess yourself and know whether you’ve made significant progress or not. If you have, it doesn’t stop there, you still have about 4months to go, finish hard. If you haven’t, use these last 4months to get productive results.

Remember that, these targets you set are like personal oaths to yourself. As such if you fail to achieve them, you’re more or less letting yourself down and how that pans out for you in the future is critical.

Assess, evaluate yourself, and be determined power yourself to the finish line on Dec 31st. You owe it to yourself and no one else.


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