Poetic State Of Mind


Whispers of love,
Love has never sounded this appealing,
And for what is worth, I’m bruised with this sensual feeling yet I’m @ the mercy of its healing,

These edible lips that take your mind on endless pleasure trips,

Trips that leave you succumbing to its power,
Aroused each hour by the immense feeling to mercilessly devour,

These lips need to be cared for,
Like a bed of roses, they need to be pruned and adored,

These caramel coated lips,
That belong to a beauty whose body is a temple to which I want to worship,

Love you got that cherry glossed, add a bit of cream and lick it slow till your body drips kind of lips,

That hold your breath moment while I make the hairs on the back of your neck stand kind of lips,

That “Hush! Don’t speak…while I measure the peak of how deep I can drown in your soul” kind of lips,

That rose petal dew drop kind of lips, gorgeous lips that u want to kiss knowing that your life depends on it…

The kind of lips that you want to make love to,
The kind that uses your body as a braille to read the passion inside you,

That on the balcony of a hotel in France while we slow dance and take a glance @ each other eyes deeply as we romance with a view of the Eiffel tower,

Mi amor, I just want to adorn these lips with mine though you probably don’t deserve my kind,

Curl and cuddle into each others arms after we wine and dine,
And serenade those lips until our heartbeats bow out with a chime


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