Poetic State Of Mind

Can I Speak Up?

I tried clearing my throat the last time,
but only a few heard me,

Some murmured about my tone being

So I’m tweaking my vocal knob a little
bit up so you can hear me more clearly,

Vampires of the night seem to be attacking
these days,

These days ful of stuggle,
Like we’re only experiencing it for the 1st time,

Days filled with broken dreams and collapsed stuctures,
Structures that dented our souls and were never destined
to stand the test of time,

We’re catalysts of a nation in decline,

So why bother go to the polls in December?
Last four years we did the same,
but our printed notes came with no change, remember?

Debates are a waste,
Where’s the relevance when professors come on radio and
discuss attires and elegance?
Our priorities have been injected with a dose of negligence,

I feel sorry for my grandmother in the village with no education,
who goes to purchase drugs for her eyes and yet she’s given drugs
for her ears cause of the chemists lack of concentration,

Blind and confined to her sick bed,
Singing dirges and clinging onto the sheets as if in readiness for her

Just because politicians are deaf to her plea for better policies that could have
better her and many others health,

We seem to have forgotten our roles,
If doctors and nurses go on strike, how do we put an end to an alarming death

If teachers leave the classroom,
how will Kojo and Adjoa serve as a nations tool?
How are we supposed to sweep the dirt off our porches when we destroy the

Y’abr3 mo, mo ha adwen!
Y3 b3 se sa mu, ya fa adwen!

But when all is set and done,
When bloods shed,
Headaches, fears and grief is the outcome,

When Kofi stays at home with a degree and can’t fill his bo-tom because y3se
edwuma asa wo kurom,

We point fingers at our mistakes,
Calling them jokes, when we are the clowns


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