Poetic State Of Mind

Just Another Election..Or?

Daabi, daabi, we no go gree,
Screams of the opposition party fighting
for justice,
Or is it crying against political greed?

I could have told you the impact of last
Fridays election,
It was Free SHS Education against One touch

God intervene o, and He did,

The best man won, hands down,
Yawa, rigging dey inside, hands up,
EC have a bunch of clowns,

The thing is, we have two power houses,
Fighting to gain access into a mansion,
This might sound like a poem and maybe it is,
But onua..read between the lines, don’t just leap
Or skip,

After waking up 7am, when others had woken up
@ 3,
Only to go and stand in a queue with number 152,
It suddenly dawned upon me,
Voting never be beans,

Kokromoti power inspired,
People queued up in lines longer than ECG cables,
And with self employed gyina line mu ma me
Choo buei..Tobay Tobay..was bound to be a crucial

And so there I was, like many others before,
Verification couldn’t read my left paw,
Tried the right, and I was given the GLO..green
light things o,

Before me laid the sheet to change a destiny,
Power to the people, and my power was loaded
and ready to change history,

But wait,
To be honest the ballot sheet amuses me to date,
How do u expect me to vote between an umbrella, an elephant, akok) and a kube?

If I had to choose between the four I’d take none,
Although Christmas is around the corner,
So the akok) would be fun,

After casting my vote I went away with whistles
and chants of “s3 wehu wenim”
I guess pulling a Michael Jordan number on the queue had blown some masses fuse,

But I went away all the same,
It was as if they were saying…laugh @ my pain,
which I gladly did,
Ad3n? Me suro obi? Twiaaaaa

As many verification machines broke down,
The news didn’t sink well amongst others,
Others were also flexing their muscles in
preparation of looting with ballot boxes,

But for what purpose?

I never quite understood how an election
could carry on for two days,
Some yelled foul play, some also said,
“All die be die, yawa no dey”


The next 24hrs were to be something of a box
office showpiece,
Interceptions and burnt collation sheets,
I was on the EDGE of my seat, while I viewed it all,
AirTel meanwhile decided to rig my 3G but I never bore,

After all, NPP, NDC, and EC were having unlimited conference call,
With Sir John and Elvis Afriyie inadvertently in the race to be calm, winner takes all,

Figures trickled in as provisional results caused jubilation and scares,
Meanwhile Joy FM, Metro TV and EC in were engulfed in an endless numerical love affair,

Church on Sunday was filled with an atmosphere full of depression,
Figures in had spelled on their faces “4 more
years of oppression”,
or maybe I was just guessing?

In any case, with the declaration drawing nearer,
And a nation divided, partly in jubilation and partly in anticipation,
Shouts of “Nyame kyer3 w) tumi” and “Edey bee k3k3” reverberated through homes, streets, cities, and regions,

The dawn of a new era in politics had
reached an all new pinnacle,
Hopefuls were buoyant,
Whereas doubters were defiant,

So exactly what transpired in the meeting between the colossal giants of the nations political ambience?

And as Dr. Afari Gyan sat in his chair to declare, why was the topic never raised briefly if not fully to clear the air?

The incumbent as already had feared by the masses of opposition were back for a 2nd tier,
The people had spoken,
Though was it by foul means or fair?

Four days on and the opposition is still aggrieved,
Forget the decision, neutrals say
Ghana won and attained peace,

But I say this as I end this piece,
Peace has never ceased to exist,
The comparisons with Syria and Liberia are
just imaginations of our fear,
They’re nothing but mind tricks,

A nation that symbolizes and stands as an epitome of peace knows no war,
We are the light of the world, and in our shadows other nations wish to walk,


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