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Words Of Inspiration (#158)

There is joy in giving than receiving, right or wrong? Well, depending on which moral setup or angle you come from, you may want to dispute that school of thought. However, the general perception or principle is that the statement does stand not to be corrected and is widely accepted as the norm.

Is it greedy to want to expect something back after performing a good deed or act? Personally, I believe to some degree it is. I believe we’re all blessed to hold or attain a special quality or possess something that others may need. Its not by chance that we have them but @ the same time you could say its by their chance that they stumble across us @ the right time to request for that help for whatever they need.

There is a special feeling or sentiment attached to giving, and you won’t find that by giving with the intention of receiving back. This kind of feeling can only be experienced once its giving from the heart and giving unconditionally. Bear in mind its different if you’re seeking a favor which you know that person is the only one who could help you out.

The benefits of giving unconditionally are not imminent but they are not hidden. What you may see as a period of good tiding and abundant blessings may just be as a result of an assistant or form of aid you gave out to someone or some people. The “receiving back” mentality is one which fails to bridge the gap between being selfless and showing unconditional love and care.

Some of us even hate to give these days just because we feel we’ll not get anything profitable out of doing it, but I cast your minds to the less deprived children who have one pair of clothes to wear and sometimes one meal a day or a week in worse cases. To them this is reality, to us, we can hardly imagine it happen to us.

If you can give to those kids knowing very well that your reward in return is not something they can give but what God can, then why can’t you do the same with your fellow human being? After all, @ the end of the day, we’re doing so to not only help a friend, family, out but in doing so, we’re also putting a smile back onto the faces. In a way we’re letting them know, that we’re there for them no matter the cause or situation.

A penny for your thoughts maybe…


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