Poetic State Of Mind

Perfect Bliss..

What’s richer than gold?
A black woman, with a honey dripping
on her skin from head to toe,
Brown eyes, soft lips, big, mild or small fro,
She is that Erykah Badu, with the Becca silky tone,

The epitome of what I see only in my dream,
she is the black coffee with sugar but no cream,
The energy that motivates me to work hard,
Locomotive, driving my steam engine from Accra to Dakar,

She is like the poetry I write in my sleep,
Her body is the notepad that I write these words so freely,

And she stands for power,
Hour by hour she..gets her hustle on,
From dusk till dawn, she’s a teacher and lover all in one,

The love we make,
Like earth wind and fire,
Passion and desire,
When I light the flame,
Until the candle burns out..she never retires,

That soul full of soulful melancholy
when she speaks of her love disharmony,
Her tears pour steadily as her heart beats

But not for long,
In the midst of solemnity she breaks into a song,
Voice so strong like Efya, she lifts my soul off my sole as if her chords had Conan arms,

The sapphire that glitters,
A heart never bitter,
This black woman is a winner cause the competition knows it can’t beat the rounded figure that she is,

And she is a perfect bliss…


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