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Words Of Inspiration (#159)

Remorse should only be felt in the loss of someone, or in the case of having offended someone. Why feel remorse for attempting and failing? What’s the essence of learning then? If you think about it, the fact that we learned how to talk and walk after several attempts as a baby explains a lot of things.

The essence of learning does not involve just being fed with information, it also has to do with bettering or mastering that which you have previously failed to pass or succeed. Even the teacher, or professor who is imparting that knowledge to you attempted several times @ some point in his or her life to master what he’s or she’s giving to you.

Life is a continuous learning process, we learn each day. Hence when we fall, we learn to rise, and we rise, we learn to rise higher than before. As each day goes by, our mistakes become marking points to which we tend to fall back on to avoid in subsequent stages to follow.

There’s a saying that goes “there are no retakes in life”. This in actual sense is true, you can’t undo what’s been done, you can however, overcome that stumbling block that stands in your way. It may not necessary go according to how you want it, but that’s why we have to adjust ourselves to make sure we are well suited to use the plan that’s available to us.

People who give in after 1st attempts either don’t want to strive to succeed or just fear success. We must remember on the route or path to attain a measurable success or contentment, we’ve been each given separate maps. Trying to follow another persons map won’t necessary guarantee you that success. It may take you far, but it may halt you @ a point where turning back seems more likely than progressing further.

There is no need to rush ahead in life just cause people who started on the road with you have managed to move ahead of you. The end does justify the means, and who knows, your end may well justify your decision to stick to your route.

Thought For Today: reflect on the story of the hare and the tortoise.


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