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Words Of Inspiration (#161)

Was browsing through a fitness site a couple of minutes ago and I came across a set of fitness workout plans. Suddenly I realized something, a couple of years ago, wanting to live a healthy lifestyle would be considered as a joke to me and I’m sure to most people around my age. So why this sudden change then? It didn’t take me long to realize that the truth lies within the aging process. Aging here does not refer to growing grey hair and wrinkled faces but with the normal growth process.

As we grow old, certain things become clearer and meaningful to us. Our minds broaden and our tastes vary and differ according to our thought and emotional process. It is indeed a fascinating process but while this creates a new profile or in some cases improve our profile, it has its side-effects. Again these may depend on how we reason and feel about certain processes, activities and various factors in life. For example, we realize that being fit has its benefits and as such we try to push ourselves to ridiculous limits to stay fit. Limits that in a long run may push us into forgetting the core methods and principles of the fitness plan or workout plan that we’re involved in.

It’s an interesting period I must say, and looking back @ a couple of years ago, when Coca-Cola, lots of sweet and video games were all I knew, its funny how, suddenly eating well, working out and writing blogs (like I’m doing now) has suddenly become an essential core integrated into my way of life. Like so many other people, there are more changes coming by the day and I’m embracing them as they come, be it right or wrong.

I believe its out of this growth process that we are able to distinguish which lifestyle suits us, and although there might be in some particular instances where what we think suits us might not necessarily be right for us, reasoning becomes the mediator between conflicted thoughts and advises.

Age in a way does define maturity but then again, we do have “grown ass kids”, literally. In a way, age plays a minute role in maturity because although you’re expected to act and reason as your growth expires, your willingness to accept that role largely depends on your awareness and that’s something some of us as humans find hard to do.

So the question is, are we aware of the stage we’re @? And if yes, are we ready to embrace the change that will better our living, physically, mentally and to a large degree spiritually?

Food for thought…



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