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BC Messages: Fuss about nothing?

I’m going to start a trend of topics in 2013 which basically I feel need to be debated on and expressed on with more clarity. Today I’ll be talking about Blackberry Broadcast messages.

There’s something I don’t get with Blackberry users in this part of the world. The BB device was created with variety of features, most notably the BBM (Blackberry Messenger) which serves as a social network to fellow Blackberry users.

Now within this BBM is a feature known as “broadcast message”(BC), for BB users I believe you know its function hence I won’t go into the full description of it. What I would like to know is, why people fret and show their frustration when a message is BC’d.

I understand the fact there are some people who send out irrelevant messages and what not but my main question is, must you fret @ those which make sense @ all?

I’ll give you an example; a friend last time BC’d a message about selling items. This right here was an advertisement, and I believe satisfies the purpose of the whole feature. Yet here’s a situation where people came out ranting and raving as if they were in KG and someone stole their clay dough. It doesn’t make sense to be honest.

Another example is someone sending a message about someone losing his or her contacts and having to request ppl to add whoever back. Yes there is a backup feature, but let’s be honest here, not everyone has that technical know how to know this.

In addition, it’d be unfair to say that just cause he or she doesn’t know how to use the backup function, it means he or she is daft or shouldn’t be using the phone in the 1st place. No ones perfect mind you, we need to get that mindset out of our heads.

The purpose of the feature is to broadcast a message, yes some people abuse it, but just how many? The silly part is deleting someone off your messenger just cause you receive too many BC’s from the person. I can understand if its someone taking the piss but where the person is carrying out an info or advert of some sort…its childish! Absolutely childish!

I believe we’re living in an era where globalization is yet to hit the rural areas but is steadily gathering pace to reach there. Its really a step down to be reasoning in such sense. Besides, RIM had no objections when adding the feature and lately it seems to be a norm for upcoming social networks, take Whatsapp for example.

Broadcast messages may or may not carry substance but for most they do. Let’s not let naivety come in between progressive thinking. Some of us are much wiser and smarter than that. There’s a limit we place on how people behave towards us and its totally acceptable to stamp down authority if that limit is abused. However if it isn’t, why react?

You can’t stop people from using the feature because like it or not its integral to the function of the network. May I also add that its baseless to have that not used the function before and yet rant about people using it. You haven’t even attempted making a petition for it to be removed and yet you sit back and vent your frustration. Take a chill pill!

Some things are just unnecessary.


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