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Words Of Inspiration (#162)

I was watching a tv show yesterday which had four young people discuss on the topic of “resolutions”. Its moments like that of yesterday that quickly remind you of how soon the year has come and gone.

Viewing the year retrospectively is obviously going to give you some good times, some exciting times, some bad times and some “not worth remembering” times.

Going back to the topic of resolutions, what exactly are resolutions? I know the dictionary has its own meaning but individually, what are they? I personally describe them as set of principles molded in the form of targets to adhere to.

I call them principles because when you observe closely, they don’t always involve completing a task. They (and this is according to my opinion) mostly involve personal principles or benchmarks we set for ourselves to attain or reach.

The debate over whether its good to make resolutions is solely dependent on the individual. I find resolutions as a way of doing away, establishing and progressing.

Some people would however be of the view to not make them because they believe in the policy of “if you want it done, get it done, once and for all”. Make no mistake this policy does work if only you have few or better still no regrets @ the outcome.

The main reason why resolutions are mostly not followed is due to the fact that we lack focus and tolerance. We lack that moral strength to go according to them. Its this same lack of tolerance that fails us in times we need to stop addictions or refrain from meaningless outbursts.

There is a way to overcome this problem though and that way lies within us. Its about being sincere with ourselves and knowing that we owe it to ourselves to make a positive impact on our lives. Its also being aware of what is potentially killing us and what is potentially making us.

Most importantly, its about having the desire and willingness to go through it. We must remember in the end resolutions can be likened to sacrifices and in order to attain self gain and satisfaction, we must make and at the same forgo some sacrifices.

WoMy perfect resolution for the coming year would be to attain tolerance to help me go through with future resolutions.

What is your resolution for the coming year?


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