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In Memory of 2012…

I think I can look back at the year and say there were a lot of disappointments and fewer joyous moments. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t trade the position that I’m in for anything less. There were lessons to be learned and I believe I have learned them but still continue to learn more.

That’s the beauty and nature of life, having to learn every second of the day, through trials and tribulations and what not. Not all of us can be proud of how the year has been and at the same time, not all of us can say we are disappointed at how everything went down. However one thing we can say is we are blessed and thankful 11months down the line, to be here alive and healthy. Its exactly where we want to be isn’t it?

The roller-coaster of emotions were as usual @ its peak and I’m sure we can count the number of times our patience, faith and strength mentally were tested. Give yourself a pat on the back if you can for pulling through. Every year has its ups and downs, but we aspire to rise up more than getting down not because we’re supposed to but because we know we can.

For all the accidents that occurred and for the lives that we lost, in the end we must feel some sort of contentment in our hearts for being here still. Can you imagine waking up and realizing that you are some hours, minutes, seconds away from leaving earth? I can’t, but neither should you.

We may have taken some decisions which we ought not to have but look, in the end, those decisions were made and they are irreversible. Silly issues may have caused ridiculous over reactions that it shouldn’t have. We may have gotten dumped and what not, yet guess what, we’re still here. No need moping and groping over them, we’re much better than that.

As we approach the new year, our work efforts should be multiplied. Yes we may be busting our asses to work extra hard only for our efforts to not reap significant returns by our own measures and standards but that shouldn’t discourage us. The name of the game is consistency and persistence. Each word supports each other, its that simple of a logic. However, its application is much trickier if you don’t use it properly.

Attitude-wise, we need to show up better reasoning, less doubt, and a fine balance between calmness, conviction and resistance. Our egos need to tone down their vibrant colors of aggression and we need to eliminate nonchalance. Fill ourselves with happy thoughts, positive thoughts to be specific. Try more, even if it means failing at each go, we can learn from the failures.

To the Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and whatever your religion you’re affiliated to, nourish your belief with better understanding and faith. There are times when you will question it but don’t let that hinder your progress from attaining a fuller and deeper meaning.

Let’s live healthy lives. There is nothing much more precious than the life that you have. You may think death is avoidable but no it isn’t. Count your blessings each second that you breathe today because tomorrow is not promised. Keep eating right, working out right, and let your spirituality be filtered with proper cleansing and not filth.

Remember the year is almost done and dusted. Whatever happened then, is all in the past. Whatever spits and spats that occurred, throw it out of the window. Start a new chapter in your life, insert the old bookmarks that gave you encouragement and hope and do away with the ones that brought you nothing but pain.

I believe we as human beings can work in coexistence, maximize our efforts and conceive peace if only we are willing to. We’re more than able so what is stopping us? In the coming year I entreat you (whoever is reading this) to employ an approach of better cohesion and togetherness and better work ethics.

Don’t just try it, adopt it and let it grow on you and sit back and see how each person you communicate with catches it. On that note, in memory of 2012 I leave you with this:

From Jan to now, we’re still here,
This is neither our might nor our strength,
Just by God’s grace, He’s seen us through the joy and pain, laughter and tears,
Times that drove past us when we failed to see
trouble creeping from the rear,
We were blind to see our faults, but He gave us comfort rather than clipping our ears,
We’ve worked hard, we know we have,
But we realize there’s more to the good we did, than the returns that we might not have had,
In the end we are all achievers, all of us,
Whether you walk, run, drive a Range or take a bus,
All we have is us to pull through,
You, me, him, her, them, togetherness is what we ought to do,
Because together we can rise and stand peacefully,
Together, we can heal the wounds and banish the memories that yearly haunt us till eternity.


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