Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#164)

You can’t rest on your laurels today. You have goals and deadlines to meet? You accomplish them, it doesn’t matter how stressful or complicated they may be.

Complacency and laziness are traits you can’t entertain so early this year, they are like drugs and if you don’t find ways to stop them, they grow on you and become an addiction.
Your creative process is always waiting and anticipating to work and as such, you don’t need hit just 1st gear alone and expect to find a eureka-esq idea or solution to a problem. You may be required to dig deeper and that means pushing all gears if possible.

Also, today, learn to ask for assistance or guidance. Don’t allow pride or your ego to inflate and mess up opportunities that will bring desirable merits and self satisfaction to you. Remember that teamwork is good and team members work for each other. Yes there will be arguments, yes there will be deadlocks but dialogue through negotiating will eventually lead to a breakthrough.

Keep a positive spirit and reach for what’s beyond the sky although they say its your limit. Finally keep a cool, calm and composed nature about yourself.

After all, its only the 3rd day of the New Year, no need to hit the panic buttons.


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