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Words Of Inspiration (#165)

An Uncle once asked me, what do I seek in life? Is it better living? Is it the fancy cars, the mansions, yachts or boats? And if I gain all this, would that mean that I have achieved my purpose for being here on earth?

For a minute I sat down to analyze all what he said and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that our purpose though may be directed by our Maker or in whomever you believe in, is within us.

We keep asking ourselves what our purpose is but to reveal our purpose is to choose a path that leads us to it. In the end only we can find that purpose and that’s when our Maker comes in to guide us.

It makes sense when you think about it. People say “follow your dreams” but the question here is, will your dreams lead you to your actual purpose. Are those dreams feasible in heart, soul and mind? Is there a feeling of self satisfaction afterwards, a genuine one for that matter?

I guess that’s why we are asked to pray for guidance because once we find that purpose, we can find peace; eternal peace and subsequently genuine satisfaction.

It might sound puzzling @ 1st but take a moment to think about it..


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