Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#169)

I think the very second, very moment, that you honestly make someone feel good about himself or herself, at that very point, you must realize that you may well have saved that persons day or life for that matter.

The fact that you smile each day without a care in the world or even if you do, learning to live beyond those troubles does not necessarily mean the man sitting next to you is feeling the same.

Even if you can’t help them physically to solve their problems, a word or two can inspire them to rise up and give them that confidence that all really is not lost.

As much as we may deserve to feel special, others likewise deserve even more special attention. You have those people who constantly live in fear that they aren’t good enough for anyone or good enough to be what they desire to be.

Those people do need constant reminding that they are special in their own way, until they find their feet and finally see it themselves. Its the joy, comfort and satisfaction that shows on their face and in their gratitude that should give us a feeling of contentment in having done something right.

Look around you today, call someone in need of comfort and or inspiration, be that light that brightens their hearts and souls seeing past their troubles and or frailties.

After all, we are one people seeking peace and unity right?


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