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Words Of Inspiration (#170)

I sat amongst a couple of great people this past weekend at a friends wedding. I realized something pretty valuable about that gathering. There were people from diverse backgrounds and educational setups but one thing was common. Acceptance; Despite the diverse cultures, educational setups, age difference and what not, there was no stereotyping. There wasn’t any judging, no “oh you went to this school so that means..” crap.

Any gathering of such sort breeds cordiality, understanding and most importantly unity. The world today in certain parts lacks these kind of atmospheres. I believe men and women can both live in coexistence irrespective of culture, age, educational qualification and to a very high degree, color. Acceptance is the only way we can sit down and be progressive advocates of the world on the whole.

The world still bleeds of the cuts that derives out of the judgmental, stereotypical masses. However that does not necessarily mean you have to be a clot of this movement. Be part of that transition that betters the situation. You don’t need to be radical, but brave and motivated to set change. Change that will emphatically affect the dynamics involved in governance, humanity and basically our way of living as a nation.

So the question is…are you ready to be a pacesetter and set change or do you wish to be a clot of the problem?


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