Poetic State Of Mind


Yesterday I found my youth,
A carbon copy of me, whaling in an environment only my parents knew,

I found the ground but my feet weren’t steady,
My balance wasn’t stable due to my low gravity but neither was my mind…bleak and blurry,

Yesterday I found steps,
I found limbs to climb stalks,
And a chord to produce sounds out of a box,

I found echoes and whispers,
Drums that aided in the clarity of sounds that would wave through holes in the side of my head,

Yesterday I found life,
I found the difference between good and evil,
Bad and wrong,
Toughness and weakness,
A melody and a song,

Puzzled by curiosity,I found petulance,
I savored my adolescence,
While showing complete negligence
which was soon to be my morals decadence,

Yesterday I found love, yet I chose adultery,
I found joy in the nakedness of a woman,
and enjoyed her fruit like it was a freshly baked turkey,

Yesterday I found a bottle and made merry,
Ignorant of its constituents, and contents,
I was more than content to down it cheerfully,

Yesterday I found a test,
Branded a failure, I decided to jump off the boat without a safety vest,
The rest are bitter moments I’d like to forget,
Sour tastes I’d rather swallow and flush down the water closet,

Yesterday I lied when I said tomorrow would bring in a new me,
I looked in a mirror and my own reflection booed
Leaving me in a state of an unknown identity,
Unknown substance,
Unidentified object, Unknown phenomenon,

And although the conundrum remains of what yesterday was in its entirety,
Although these words are just layers of makeup trapping its natural beauty,

Yesterday may be a mirrored image of what lies before me,
What was a journey,
Now a history repeating itself in my eyes of my seed who is bent on copying my ways,

but will he tomorrow change the plot of the scene to make his own legacy?  


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