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Words Of Inspiration (#171)

Olympians to me define what it means to be a true sporting athlete. Even more, they define what endurance, spirit, and greatness is. Great professionals of the discipline, they define humility and what it means to have team ethic and a positive morale.

All these are characteristics the average man should desire to have. In life you want or should want to be a professional, not only in your work but in all aspects of your life. The olympian trains hard each and everyday to perfect the skills he or she has so as to be able to compete in the high profiled events.

Just like the olympian we should see life as that which consists of various disciplines. Rather than being pompous, over ambitious, or underachieving, we should take a leaf out of the Olympians book and go about life in a much professional way.

Know your place within the community, church, etc. Be dedicated and strive to work hard to attain gold. Gold here meaning a goal, sense of satisfaction and or purpose. Procrastination remember is an affiliate of laziness, and it will only hinder you from making progressive strides.

Be sincere to yourself when things are not working out well and find out solutions to areas that demand attention.

Greatness comes out of people who decided to assess their strengths, weaknesses, did not hold back criticisms attributed to themselves and processed all the negatives to come out with a brighter picture.

That is what being professional is all about, working harder irrespective of situation, be it good or bad and its such attitude that gains you respect.


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