Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#172)

Some of us spend too much time “worrying”. Worrying about what the day would bring, what tomorrow would be like, even over necessities that we may have already be it in minute stock or quantity. However the question really is, what good does worrying bring? It doesn’t really add value to our lives now does it?

I used to wake up days where I felt the world was caving in, due to my unknown expectations of how life would treat me. The more that happened, the more I realized I was rather doubling my already load of problems I had.

What we seem to forget is that when we close our eyes and go to sleep, we are not in control of bodies. When we wake up as well, that’s not by our own doing. Its Gods intervention and we must put a lot of thought in that before considering to worry, however thankful we might be.

It is due to his favour and mercies that we have life, food, shelter, clothing and all that we tend worry about on the daily basis. In fact, our hard work that pays us off is a result of Him, so that basically means, He’s the provider of the bread we work for. All we have to do is show dedication, commitment and gratitude in the long run of all these blessings.

Rather than waking up to worry, how about waking up to acknowledge His blessings and asking that His will be done. There’s nothing we can’t attain, overcome or achieve provided that we have Him, in head, heart body and soul. Your faith should be set free rather than trapped in a world full of petty conundrums.

Be thankful today and embrace whatever life has for you. May the words of Matthew 6:33-34 be your strength and motivation today, tomorrow and the rest of your life.


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