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Words Of Inspiration (#173)

The key to success is not only through individual traits but sometimes to a large extent, teamwork. Knowing your partners inside out, trusting them in the field of work goes a long way to not only establishing a firm rapport but cohesiveness and understanding.

There are no “I’s” or “U’s” in team but rather “we’s” and “us”. It doesn’t matter if you’re a in a team without an apportioned leader, everyone in that team needs to stand up and be counted. Make an impact but it should be one that collectively brings everyone into play.

People sometimes look at corporations or companies as an opportunity to get noticed. In a way, it makes sense, it builds your morale and confidence but remember that there’s a thin red tape between confidence and ego and you don’t want that tape being cut off.

Its not about recognition, its about the goal. The reason for coming together to work and that’s how it should always be. Everyone in that circles opinion count, be it good or bad. At the end of the day, through bad comes redemption and through good comes perfection.

The key lies with togetherness, respect and understanding. You won’t always come to agreement with a suggestion or an idea but that’s why you have the opportunity to debate on those matters and through those debates you’re bound to come to a compromise.

The interest of the people, the brand and the goal should be engine that drives you on to work as one and once that is firmly planted amongst the group, that should be enough fuel to guide you through.

Think together as one, work together as one and achieve together as one. One heartbeat, one focus, one goal, that’s it!


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