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Words Of Inspiration (#174)

There are times when you feel like you need an extra incentive to keep going in life. Things might be going alright for you but you still feel like you don’t have a defined catalyst to keep you going. Then there are times when like a spark of an idea hits you, you are given renewed or extra strength to keep going.

Those moments when suddenly, life gives you a much deeper reason to keep believing, keep working. The ultimate motivation as some people would love to term it. So what is that spark in your life that keeps you going and working hard?

The birth of my nephew has been that spark for me. There’s nothing purer than the birth of a new born baby. Signifying life, purity and a breath of fresh air. He’s given me a new perspective to life. A perspective that I on my own would take a mighty long time to notice.

You see, that spark is supposed to slow you down so to speak. Its supposed to influence you positively, redefine your life in a much positive sense and revitalize you. You may choose to find it, but if you don’t, trust me it will find you and the only way it can influence you is for you to allow it to.

You may have a purpose that you need to fulfill and that may inspire you but you may lack that spark that gives you encouragement to work towards that purpose. Its a spark that gives you a feeling of contentment, sometimes for example in my case, a spark that deserves to glow under the fruits of your labor.

In other words, my nephew is that spark, and he deserves to reap under my hard work. I need to set an example of a positive role model to his life and with that comes a sense of responsibility and self admittance that I need to show maturity in every aspect of my life.

That’s the power, energy and feel good vibe that spark gives you. Its a life changer in that respect and believe me, once you embrace it, there are never regrets. Absolutely none!


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