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Words Of Inspiration (#175)

Experience is indeed the best teacher. Having conversations with the elderly to open an avenue of revelations and true hard facts about life. These conversations tend to reveal more than we’d ever imagine or hear.

What you may think you’re going through is not as deep as the stories that those who came before our time will share with you. In a way there are more regrets of their actions now than back then. We have the benefit of learning from their stories.

Now it is easy to say, “oh that’ll never happen to me” or “that was then, situation now makes such a thing impossible to happen”, but if there is one weakness that knows man very well, its over confidence.

I’m not saying doubt your ability to overcome a problem or situation, I’m saying keep an open mind. Expect the unexpected because we all know this world of ours is one that poses events which we have no knowledge of prior to them happening.

The experience out of the elderly should be the break pedal as we ride through life’s unexpected path. They knew then like we know now what we ought to do, where we ought to go and how we ought to handle or deal with the conundrums that this world poses. Yet they allowed over confidence and ignorance to get to their heads.

The end result may have not been what they bargained for but we have the chance to rewrite the script and turn the plot into a hollywood blockbuster. Seek wisdom from the elderly and embrace the truth that may come with it.

It can only get better from here.


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