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Words Of Inspiration (#176)

There’s a level of ignorance that’s being portrayed by us human beings. We keep allowing ourselves to be taken advantaged of, in all aspects of life. Its an issue that has a lot do with too much respect being shown for others of either peer or elderly status.

Boundaries need to set in the kind of life that we live. I understand the whole courtesy cause and the fact that we don’t want to come up as the aggressive, apprehensive type of people but we need to let people know that we know our rights.

A classic example of this case is the office scenario, where your boss feels just cause he employed you means he can treat however he or she likes. You don’t need to take such abuse because whether he or she likes it, you have your own fundamental human rights and you need to exercise it as and when it demands of you to do so.

Sometimes it may not be your boss, a senior staff may try to belittle yourself, make you feel stupid or worse try and bring you down just cause you may be a threat to his or her position. Again, you need to take action and voice out your concern. You can’t compromise your beliefs just because you’re working for Mr X or Miss Y. That’s a criminal offense to yourself.

The next example has to do with girls allowing guys to manipulate them as if they have no worth. Look, yes guys can be “thirsty” and all but do not try merging “love” and “sex” in the same bracket. Your forming of relationship with someone does not hinge on sex.

Ladies be wise for Christ sake! If you’re just “sex buddies” it makes sense, but don’t get yourself in this zone where after you’ve been sexed, when the guy decides to leave you or give you that bullcrap excuse of him not being ready to make you two official, you go round blaming all men for your ignorance. It doesn’t work that way irrespective of whichever you angle you look @ it from.

We keep allowing ourselves to be hurt and ridiculed when we can stand up, be wise and show that we have a value that goes beyond just work ethics or good looks. We are human beings and as such deserve to be treated fairly. Wake up from the slumber, be humble and courteous, but most importantly, know your worth and express your rights.


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