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Words Of Inspiration (#177)

The goal of life is to not just to attain success, but a feeling of contentment. Once you’re not content, then there’s a problem, but even @ that point we need to thread cautiously because we can’t have it all.

We all have dreams, aspirations and goals we want to achieve. Each year as we achieve these, we tend to add more to the plate but sometimes we add more than we can chew. We aren’t supernatural thus we can’t have everything we aim @ getting and that’s the simple nature about life.

We need to look @ what’s realistic, what’s feasible and what can actually not just transform our lives but that of others. One of the hardest trait man finds hard to do till date is being selfless. Not selfless under duress or obligation but genuinely unprovoked selflessness.

However we have to note that while we work hard to make our lives better we are @ the same time working to make others lives even better and that’s the kind of humble mentality we need to apply while we work. The President of a nations goal is to not only rule the nation but to provide security and better living. Of course he can’t force you to live how you want to live but he can give you the tools and platform to help you do that.

In the same breadth every job has its customers or clients it satisfies and once you have them happy, automatically you are happy as well. So just for a second let’s put away those dreams of owning a mansion and all that aside and look @ the basic picture before us. Before we can acquire these things, we need to work, and working here means satisfying the requests of others.

The question here is would you feel honestly content having acquired all those things you dream about while people who look to you to provide them with service struggle or suffer? If you answered yes, my next question is, how would you feel if a doctor who was to treat on a loved one of yours fled to another country with the reason that he’s tired and is going for a vacation?

You see, there’s a link here and that link is that we all have a role to play with each other. Thus our dreams can never be greater than the measure of help that can be given or provided to each other. After all, you acquire those things you dream about with money, and that money is not handed to you on a silver platter. You work for it and out of that work, which consists of rendering service to others do you gain profits.

Life isn’t all about you, neither is it about your family but its also about helping others and acknowledging the fact that your innermost desires can be found in giving joy to others.


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