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Words Of Inspiration (#179)

You never really experience the contentment and pure goodness of having done something valuable and life changing. Yesterday I experienced that feeling, not for the first time but considering the time frame since the last time I did something like, it felt very special.

Yesterday marked the end of an annual Bible week and there was an opportunity to help kids who were deprived of knowing the Word and getting close to God. Now it takes a lot of compassion and heart for young people of my age in that respect to actually step up to the plate and react to such a cause.

I’m no stranger to causes myself and so I decided to put in my help by purchasing 10Bibles for these kids. You see when reacting to causes, its neither about the value, nor the personality, or whatever recognition you gain. Rather, its about the thought that really counts. Knowing that you’ve had a life changing impact on others, that’s the best feeling you can ever get.

Above the contentment and goodness I felt out of doing what I did, there was an ample load of humility which should always come before and after you react to any cause. The whole point here is to never feel causes are specifically designed for a category of people.

Anyone and everyone can contribute to a cause. At the end of the day, its the thought that counts and the positive impact that it subsequently has. That’s just about it! Do something good for your church, community, old high school, but do it with a sense of compassion and experience the blessings and goodness that comes with it.

You can do no wrong..


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