Poetic State Of Mind

A Father and His Son (a tale of Manchester & Madrid)

Love which started years ago,
A boy and his father,
Raw and unknown,
Soft then, but coached to become harder,

Friendship which bonded into a ribbon of success,
Success which brought stifled any trace of conflict,
Love which grew into a union,
A boy and his father,

A ray of sun for the most cherished son,
He was torn between his home and his dream of being
with that Special One,

So special that he was that he felt he had done it all,
From crawling into Carrington, to jumping over the great
Manchester wall,

So unto the sunny streets of Madrid,
Red veined but now blanked in white mist,
With stars that shone with incredible gifts,
He found peace that was full of bliss,

But like any story there’s a twist,
Love’s ride crashes into a ditch,
On a pitch that he colors his beauty with,
He faces his home, once his brothers and a father
in desperate need to regain his European throne,

As the sun sets and darkness falls,
As the lights are lit, and the crowd emphatically roar,
As a son looks up to see his once brothers standing across,

Will a father sacrifice his own?
Or will a son emerge from the shackles of his emotions,
A man ready to pierce the hearts of his forever sacred home

One thing for sure is when the whistle blows,
He should expect no mercy,
From a captain ready to put his body on the line,
A number 4 who’s hungry for a midfield gourmet,
A Wazza who is motivated to kill, and a goal thirsty Van Persie,

the 13th day of February,
Love which brought about a fairy tale in all its glory,
will end as a sour and painful story,
Love which had no bounds,
A father and his son,


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