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Words Of Inspiration (#180)

As we approach the day that most people tend to show bountiful love, its worth noting the actual nature of love. Time and time again the concept of love has been mistaken for lustful and materialistic pleasures.

The true meaning of love should not be distant from our membranes. Its about showing appreciation and adoration to people who are dearest to your hearts. It is not necessary for lovers as this present generation depict it to be.

Personally I don’t believe one day must be set down to show that kind of adoration and appreciation. Sex doesn’t guarantee love because at the end of the day, when all is set and done, the reason for its (sex) existence is for procreation and not necessarily expressing love.

In addition to that, love to an extent is heavenly ordained when the feeling is mutual, spiritual and reciprocal.

Love is endless, it has no limits and its graceful. Its neither boastful, nor proud. Few may want to act bitter about the day and naturally so, but again the concept of love does not apply to only lovers, but stretches beyond that. You could show that love to a mother, father, brother etc.

The keywords here are “appreciating” and “adoring” and once that is understood, it is only then that we can truly express love in all its beauty and glory.


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