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Words Of Inspiration (#181)

There is no one who had faith in his or her own ability and failed to make it in life, unless @ some point in time, they stopped believing that they could.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, likewise your abilities won’t reach its peak @ a go or in less time as you may want it to be. The key here is to keep working hard on developing those abilities and with time, its going to pay off.

You know your potential, you know what you’re capable of, however you can’t measure @ when exactly that you’ll peak @ it, all you can do is to work harder and harder.

Its like with the case of footballers. Normally pundits will tell you, a footballer doesn’t peak till the age of 25-27. That in itself may be true but reality is, if you don’t push yourself in terms of putting in more work, that truth can just be a total fallacy on your part.

Many successful people will tell the best part of life is enjoying the fruits of your hard earned labor. Relaxing and looking back @ the days when you stretched yourself beyond limits even you didn’t know you could get to.

That’s when you feel the joy and pain of success. A kind of bittersweet moment but with joy overhauling pain in the long run.

You’ll learn to respect hard work, dedication and commitment once you go through all that and its only when you have, that you’ll value your life in terms of making the best out of it.


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