Poetic State Of Mind

World War IV: Real Madrid vs Manchester United (Part 1)

Two cities, one great tradition,
Two cities, one sacred religion,
One goal, one aim
One purpose, two games,
One man, one name,

The division between two cities,
But still one purpose to gain,
White, red,
Kings, devils,
Son, father,
Special One, the knighted godfather,

Mourinho, Fergie,
Ronaldo, Van Persie,
Bernabeu, Old Trafford,
Who dares to stands brave?
Who loathes to be a coward?

White, Red,
Madrid, Manchester, 
1st leg,
Ronaldo, Fergie,
Mourinho, Van Persie,
Either or, neither nor,
One will rise,
One will fall..

Speed, aggression,
Resistance and persistence
Power plays, intricate passes,
and non submissive possession,

Blood, sweat and tears,
Joy, pain and fears

The talk is done and dusted
Let the games begin,
Round one between two colossal heavyweights,
May the best team win


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