Poetic State Of Mind

More Than A Day, Always & Forever…

Heart shapes and roses,
Red wines and champagne toasts,
Love is in the air they say,
But I ask,
Hasn’t love ever been there?

Why take a day to show immense love
and appreciation?
Appreciating what’s been yours since ages,
No I’m not hating but I wanna know

What happens after today?

Do you go back to normal,
Back to being formal?
Communication, time spending, affection
less cordial?

Brothers and sisters,
I’m not the bearer of bad news,
I’m not writing this to get the most number of views,

I’m just saying,

Love is endless,
There are no barricades so love is boundless,
A spiritual bond,
Like the 0’s connected to a 7 in Pierce Brosnans code name,

And I write this not with a heart bitter or weak,
Single I may be but trust me I’ve felt love before
and its power is unique,

But it was like a flame that never died,

It never blossomed for a day,
It shone for as long as our hearts could hold together,
Could have possibly shone forever,
However, destiny always has her ways
so anyway..

The point is and permit me to attach a sentimental conclusion to this,
Love is more than a gift,
Its a blessing, and you ought to cherish it,
Not just for a day but till your grey skies
can no longer weather it,

Love is bliss..
I hope one day, some day, I can embrace its force field


2 thoughts on “More Than A Day, Always & Forever…

  1. herttie says:

    Ur point has be made. But do u realise not all of us wait to show our love only on vals day? Its really possible to show love everyday AND vals day too. The fact that sum1 does amazing stuff to his/her partner on Feb 14th doesn’t mean he didn’t do dat on Feb 13th and wudnt do dat on Feb 15th. So it shudnt be frowned on if love is shown on this day,cuz for all u know,its being shown on any other day as well

    • Love your argument Herttie but this piece was more of to the masses who believed in actually spending just this day to show that love and admiration. Of course not everyone falls into the category, but like Bob Marley said, “Who the cap fits, let them wear it”

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