Poetic State Of Mind

DNA Of A GH Woman

Mo ma y3nnka, Ghana mbaa ho y3 f3,
From the natural roots on her head and no I’m not
talking about Brazilian hair,

And speaking of Brazilian hair, why is it fair to treat your hair with someone else’s own?
So who cares if your head is bare? 
Get some hair food and let photosynthesis work its mojo there,

Enough of “Oh but that’s how your guys want it”,
Be proud of your roots, like Questlove, India Arie and Erykah Badu,
flaunt it,

It doesn’t matter if you grow hair short or grow bald
So far as you don’t look a wreck, you could be a hotter Alek Wek, 
We never vex,

Who is that Ghanaian woman we men desire for?
Certainly not the one, who dreams about mansions,
if she’s not ready to get her hands dirty and deal with house chores,

Nor the one who stays out for long, 
Neglecting her home and family, where she deservedly belongs,
Who is that Ghanaian lady, who epitomizes a heroine,
A modern day Yaa Asantewa of some sort,

Oh maame Yaa, ye su w) y3 krā mu daa,
Wo mbaa mo hwe hwe famu,
Wo mb33ma so kura adwenfi,
Cause we’re touched by what’s not in the heart,
but what lies beneath her beautiful, passionately,

What’s sweeter than a gift untouched and presented to you
after all the wait and trust?

A waste of time, she says,
Marry me in 2yrs or forget,
Forgetting that in 2yrs we could live in regret,
Of having rushed into a union when we were barely friends,

Switching back to the main topic,
why hide your emotions in public?
Why show them anyways?
Why pretend to be a mirage or an illusion
all because your friends are in whips, cruising?

You see, the Ghanaian woman I know stands for courage,
She’s a temple that stands before me in all its perfect glory,
A mother, leader, 
without a shadow of doubt, a hard working,
goal setter and achiever, 

The Ghanaian woman is the one who clothed me from birth,
Disciplined and washed me of immoral dirt,

Takes pride in her femininity,
Her curves, her skin tone,
the oil that runs on her fragile fleshed bones 
and glows on like a raw substance
of purity,

She’s Fante, Ewe, Ga, Akuapem, Asante,
Krobo, Nzema, Dagbani, Dagati,
She knows no envy, jealousy or greed,
She’s content with what she has, so she’s freed of needless worries,

The Ghanaian woman I know exists,

She lies within the hearts of many,
but she’s trapped within bodies of naivety and pessimism,
Bodies that hide their loneliness with apprehensiveness, security, bravery 
and a severe dose of egotism ,

She’s longs to be free but will her image eventually see?


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