Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#183)

Past 7days were probably the worst 7days I’d never want to experience again in my life, EVER! I was struck with a combination of flu and a very rare asthma attack. I say rare because the last time I had it was over 10yrs ago.

So much for thinking I was totally over that. However in the mist of all this, in the mist of all the pain and agony, I came about a conclusion. That conclusion being this was probably Gods way of telling me to kind of slow down, not that I live the fast life or anything of such sort.

We all have our beliefs of how God talks to us. Some of us feel He talks to us in our sleep, others would say through every bad decision we make. Whichever situation you have your belief though, one thing is for sure, you need to react positively to the message you feel God is sending to you.

Some people decode the message as fear when its bound to bring about positivity. The fact that your belief this is a message should spur you on to do either more of the right things or less or none of the bad habits.

You don’t need near death experiences to know the worth of your life or when you need to change for the better. What happened to me I perceive as a reminder, and that’s how life is. We are always given reminders, failure to act on those reminders becomes the death of us (so to speak).

We know better than to react fearfully on Gods messages to us. The fear dismisses the so called faith we have because faith has no fear. Though we must fear Our Maker, we must receive His word with humility and comfort our souls with it.


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