Poetic State Of Mind

You Need Me…

You…need me,
You need me to open up your heart and feel what you thought was never there,
An illusion to your mind,
You need me to define all the qualities of you,
You need me,

I don’t mean to be rude but your soul’s dirty,
Stained with the footprints of the ones that
failed to notice the flower that you are,
The ones who stepped and trampled upon you,
The ones who left you with indelible scars,

You need me,

But maybe I don’t deserve you,
As I roll down my ego for you to step on,
Know that you tread upon my energy,
Your force field is nuclear,
Hence why I feel the need to be weary of proceeding wholeheartedly with any foreseeable chemistry,

It was never like this before,
If you could recall, we were just colleagues
But deep down we both know we wanted more,

Late night working,
Discussing matters off the job,
Role playing with Suits,
My very own Rachel Zane, your very own Mike Ross,

So many times we’ve had the opportunity to remake that last episode of season 2,
You need me to reach out,
But neither of us are admittedly ready to make the 1st move,

So what’s the score? All square?
You need me to penetrate your circle,
But I need you to bend the nodes in my square,

You need me to take you to the highest peak, till your knees fall weak,
But I need you to understand that your soul is where I want to dive in deep,

You need me,
To release you to come to me,
I need you to hold on,
As I carefully weave our hearts together as one,

If I fail to do so with precision,
Question not my ambition,
Question my desire to find a breakthrough,
Question my persistence to thread our way through,


3 thoughts on “You Need Me…

  1. Dude…relationships in the workplace have never been a good idea…but surely u know that…all i say is approach with caution…lol great piece btw…rachel zane always had her charm…i envy u Black Mike Ross 😦

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