Poetic State Of Mind


Her name will forever be a treasured memory,
She will touch the hearts of many,
She will be adored,

Right from her 1st steps to glory,
Her 1st words will be the foreword of her true
A story that may contain tears,
But with less or no fears,

She will find the difference between joy and pain,
She will love, and love will became her slave,
sending her crashing down heartbreak lane,

Though she will rise from beneath the ashes,
She will be wise,
Believe me, she might be fooled once but she’ll not play the fool twice,

She will learn the value and substance of being a woman,
She will respect herself and put to rest the myths of being a woe to man,

She’ll be a saint,
Although sins of her father and mother might
make her transition a bit harder,

Her place within a home when she’s fully grown,
will not only be a reflection of lessons honed from
her mother but that of her grandmother,

She will be the woman behind her successful man,
She’ll sail the ship with him and learn that marriage is effectively better when two heads plan and act together,

All that she can be,
She’ll keep it real, and fear not to speak,
Fear not to express her views, her opinions,
She will be fierce, in the shadow of humility’s dominion,

I repeat she will be adored,
Adorned with blessings,
She will come as a princess and mature into a queen as destined by the heavens,

Right before our eyes,
A star will be born,
But who knows tomorrow,
For today I might be wrong,

I can only hope and pray
That I can find the right beat in my heart
To fuse these words into a glorious song


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