Poetic State Of Mind

In Brief…

I don’t believe you need to wear a suit and tie to get a 9/5.
Neither do you need a 9/5 to get by in life,

Yeah so what am I doing in an office then?
Where’s the logic?
What’s the sudden contradiction in my constructed
diction then?
Do I sound foreign?

Wrong! Guess again.

Seriously, what’s the use of suiting up and donning your best shoes,
Sitting behind a desk and writing cheques on behalf of Mr. Oppong
Who’s driving around honking his horn,

Deceiving yourself that life couldn’t get any more perfect,
Meanwhile you look at your salary, and ponder on the bills that leach on your left and right pocket,

The world didn’t make us,
Our maker did,
So if we have the power by His grace to make it big then why do we dream in bits?

Why can’t we have it all?
Who is Mr Oppong?
Didn’t he start by selling pure water by Ofankor?

So if he’s where he wants to be,
Why then do we follow his lead as if to say he’s the Queen bee leading us through the land of milk and honey,

The economy is stretched like a rubber band,
So it makes sense to see that the only bundles being wrapped are the food sold in the “check check” stand,

Where do we stand?
A nation in huge demand,
Unemployment viral hitting our youth,
Kwesi works @ the Ministries, yet you call him
Go watch his bank account

These days, chants of “E dey be k3k3” circulate through our pinnas,
E dey be for your party,
but as an individual the only thing e dey be is the little water that soaks your gari,

Basic necessities have become scarce,
Meanwhile your president chooses to feed you with manifesto full of gas,
State of the nation address is a complete farce,

Ntsi dum s0 no enngyai da?
ECG b3se3 ny3ma naanso month no so a, omo b3ba ab3 dan y3 ka,

Mede3 mennto ma aban ni biom,
Yet, in 4years, he’ll be back @ the polls,
Playing sankofa with his votes,

Wake up and smell the kokoo,
The eku egbeemi don’t taste the same,
And so while you’re telling me that “nobody wants your oblayo”
Just remember that your present situation is no different to a member of the kayayo chain,

We’re connected as dots,
So we line up to make a difference with a thumb
on a spot,
but while we term the event a do or die affair,
We forget our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers who never even went to daycare,

They perish due to our actions,
Instead of healing their wounds, we continue to stab them,
Trick them to into a political monopoly,
The end result, is a life long period of brutal agony,

I don’t believe in a suit and tie,
Western culture my foot, we invented the tie and dye,

In my eyes we can do more,
Sitting in the office won’t make Egya Ato learn the difference between freedom and war,

It doesn’t make sense coughing profits,
If mama Rose is in the wilderness lamenting over lack of money to harvest her crops,
The ignorance is thick, but we need to shed its weight off and stop it,

The point of this piece is to get your brains out of a shell,
You may be feeling good about your life,
But what’s good if the descendants of your forefathers that gave birth to generations to produce you are not well?

Do we even care about them?
Choosing to praise Slim Shady, instead of Dr. Gbeho the composer of your nations very own anthem?

I salute the sons and daughters of the land,
Nana Ampadu, Osibisa, Efya, Sarkodie, EL and the BlackStars who despite the falls keep rising again,
Descendants of Otaa Kraban and Kraku Amoagya, Kofi Ansah, HTW, Renee Q and those who promote GH as a trend,

Yes I’m a proud Ghanaian,
That’s why I’m motivated to express my sentiments on a pad with a pen so the feelings is etched across the minds of the many who wish to stand,

Stand for adze papa,
And not the nkwasias3m,
Stand for progressive results and not the constant yawa,

This is not a speech,
It is not a motivational reading
However you may read into it however
you may want to,

Its a wake up call,
The nation’s asleep and is
on the verge of caving in 6ft deep,
Wake up Y’all!


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