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Words Of Inspiration (#184)

The past sometimes can fill us with so much that its almost suicidal to let go of events then. Aside the fact that you may have done or gone through some situations you’d clearly had wish to avoid, people do also commit certain mistakes or “regretful evils” on you that leave you thinking “I can never trust this person EVER again.

Now trust is a hard word, believe me, its easier said than done. Irrespective of the fact that you say it off the tongue doesn’t mean its easier to put it into action. You need to understand that the word itself is sacred, hence if you’re going to use it, use it with caution or half presence of mind. Only being that you could put all your trust in, is your Maker. End of.

Going back to the subject, the theory about not being able to look past someone’s ills and evils is just really a more of enforced myth that people have planted in their heads. Forget about forgiveness here, I’m talking about being able to look at someone who genuinely has acknowledged who he or she was back then, and has decided to start afresh or turn over a new chapter.

I mean imagine if we ignored everyone who had a misdemeanor past life, there would be less people living and we’d be in a world full of grumpy people just cause we felt like no one was worth being given a 2nd chance to after their faults. Its this same disease that has many guys and girls refusing to advance in the case of r/ships.

Sometimes you just have to look past the past. Sure they were bad or inappropriate but we’ve all had our fair share of that and in our lifetime but it gives us no excuse to act biased in a hypocritical sense towards others. What I’ve learned in this world and I’m sure many others have too is the fact that, we don’t control the opportunities that come to us. We could create the avenue for it to come but we don’t control, what they are or how and when they come.

In the same way, things happened in the past for our future to have a clearer meaning on what is important and what isn’t. Hence why we learn between good and evil, wrong and right. Everyone deserves a 2nd crack in life. Death is our final resting place so while we still live, we ought to make every moment we have to ourselves, with people we want to be or are with counts.

It doesn’t matter if eventually you’re going to go through “hell” again. What matters is that you were selfless, full of faith and gave it a try and you could leave with head up high. Life is all about risks, most importantly its about how you rise from the failures of those risk to be a better person.


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