Musical Interlude

Lyrix – Aboki (Freestyle) {Lyrics & Download Link}

Lyrix is one of my favorite artistes on the GH Rap scene now. Call him underground, call him mainstream, the man is on an impeccable rise in the industry and although his works may not be vastly known by masses all over the country, there’s no denying that the buzz he’s making is already catching a fever pitch. Known for his hit songs such as “Mammele” and “5000” featuring another GH rising sensation Pappy Kojo, the Moni 3 “Prince” has already set the pace for what seems to be a dawn of a new era in GH rap.

Lyrix is also known for his freestyle remixes to hits like “Oleku” and recently released his own version of “Aboki”. Below you’ll find the lyrics as well as the link to this well, although short remix of the track. Oh by the way it’s #SNAL


“Aboki” lyrics:  DOWNLOAD LINK :

I spend a lot of cashhh Ohh,
Not all the cash tho,

Cuz I’m still cumin up,
10 plus 10 I’m still adding up,
Mr. Hater could you shut it up?
Umm,Mr Dj can you turn it up?
I fit get some drums in? Nice
My ladies all dressed in them tights
Low cut hair, heel less shoes,cut off jeans, I dey see her thighs
Oh yeah Samini is my guy,
BigXgh still  my guy
Joel and Gio, them my guys
And the Moni 3 Gang yeah those ma GUYS!!

{Aboki! Siide}
Chock! like a trotro wey the handbrake spoil

{Aboki Isiiiide}
Chock! Like the tin dem dey use for the blackboard


I could do this all day
wei diεr me testi kεkε, foreplay,
They wanna see us but we don’t show off
Achimota course,learning pro golf

watchu know about that steamed shrimp sauce?
Or chicken flambè 3-course
For her Birken or Michael kors
Fan ice bεn? Arleccino’s of course
watch me rise like a fat guy’s Bp
Forget esi and trudy
Leave GH for a week,and lie to everyone that we’ve gone off bb,
aint sayin I’m the best Mc, but ur best knows I’m next up see?
And your dream girl still tweets at me
But I Hardly reply,its hard to decide,
Mempε me size εnti min bu adze
busy doin shows in taadi,
Tell iceprince dat I killed the damn thing,
Lyrix no nonsense,Mawuradze!

aboki logo loudsoundgh



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