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Can’t We All Just Get Along??!

Is there something absolutely wrong with being friends with the ex? Is there really something wrong with that? I come from a background that teaches humility and respect and the value of letting go of all grudges and what not. Hence, to me I no know grudge.

It sometimes baffles me when people seem to think that just cause they went through a shitty breakup process and what not, they can never ever let go of that horrendous moment.

I ask you today, what do you feel when you get with someone else? Do you not feel joy? Do you not feel contentment? Do you not feel secure and to some degree a high level of satisfaction? If someone can come in your life and help you get rid of all the pain, why then is it a taboo to smoke the peace pipe with the cause of the pain?

Yes in some instances you could have someone who is full of no remorse and that’s typical especially in the case of men. However, in any given situation of this sort, you learn to be the bigger person. You let go so your heart can grow.
It makes no sense holding that pain to your heart irrespective of how good or bad it was, how calm or explosive it ended.

Although you’re happy with whoever, you’re only leaving cracks in there that can be split wide open by yourself at any given point. I believe you can still establish a cordial relationship with your ex and yes its natural for your new man or woman to get jealous, but unless there’s a lack trust between the two of you, I don’t see why this should become a long term problem.

Remember just like you, your ex is also a human being and remember that you’ve had good times before. Even in some cases, before you two became an item, those are the memories that should bind you together as friends and squash what’s already done in the past.

Its about respecting each others space but yet being able to communicate in a way that leaves no clues nor traces of attraction. Besides you never know, if truly you’re meant to be together, nature has her ways of always bringing people back.

There’s absolutely no qualms in being friends with your ex. I mean if you can sleep with him or her and call it “for good times sake” then technically you’re trying to say you can FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS. Either ways, there’s a cordial factor in there that exists between you.

Even more so, one that goes beyond the perimeter of just having two people that can still talk and hang out like nothings ever happened.


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