Poetic State Of Mind

Good Ones Go…

If you could live for the rest of your
If you could crawl your way through the
thorns of plight?

If you could fight your way through the
Beat the odds, and make your dreams
become possible,

Would you leave and give it a rest?,
Or would you give it your all until the
sun sets,
while you run out of breath?

You see the good die young?
Waay too young,
Like an abrupt fade to end your favorite

Gone with the wind,
Like a whisper, gone without hearing
a thing,

Only silence breathing in our hearts,
We look to the heaven and wonder
Will it ever stop?

Today? Tomorrow?
Will we ever smile infinitely?
Or will we constantly be interrupted
with abrupt sorrow?

Sorrow? That’s all we have within a spec
of laugh,
Laughter shells the sorrow which we always
hope not to let out,

Did you meet him?
Did you hear her speak?
Did you experience the love
that was in her soul and the
joy in him that elevated us
off our soles?

Like a blink of an eye they’re gone,
Never to return,
Only memories run through our minds
as we hold vigils and watch silently as
candles burn,

So while the good die young,
Like an abrupt fade to end your favorite

I ponder,
How long?
How long, till the plugs are pulled,
And we run out of air in our lungs?


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