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Words Of Inspiration (#186)

Some people still live by the principle of “being too big to do minute valued jobs”. Its disheartening to see such people, especially those who have not gone through an ounce of suffering in their life.

You see, everybody that matters in society and the world to a large respect, irrespective of background started from somewhere. They didn’t just get up and got to where they are now. They started with the lowest of jobs but it wasn’t about the job description.

It was about working hard and keeping faith that eventually in the long run, an opportunity would rise. Pride is basically the reason some of us see ourselves not being able to work with such jobs but we fail to forget that humility opens way for favours to bless us in the most unimaginable ways.
You need to understand that every job irrespective of size holds significance. The fact that you may wear a suit and sit in an office does not mean that someone who works in a factory or sells tabloids in a newsstand has a less significant job. At the end of the day, both of you contribute to the country’s quota and development in one way or the other.

Don’t get me wrong, we all have dreams and aspirations but every dream, every aspiration starts from ground 0 and it is only by grace or blessing that we sometimes skip various levels to get up to the very top.

Every success story has a beginning, where you are is the beginning of your story because you’re already a living success. Be humble in your ways, accept the position you’re in at the moment but work harder and believe that better things lie ahead for you. It’s the ONLY way..


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