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Words Of Inspiration (#187)

Why do we sometimes keep putting ourselves in situations we ought to avoid? What’s the logic? Have we ever asked ourself how strong our pain barrier is?

The past weekend I saw a news excerpt on Sky about “male suicides”. The piece indeed was horrific for even someone like me living all the way here in Africa, who has less or no problems to think about.

We all know the causes of suicide, number one of all those causes is depression. I ask, how do people allow themselves to be depressed? By allowing certain situations, or negative comments to get to them.

What’s happening in the UK can happen anywhere and the figures there as I saw maybe even better than the figures elsewhere. We need to save each other from preventing this to happen to any of us.
I see people who are stressed out of their jobs, out of their relationships, out of social criticism and non acceptance, even to an extent, out of ill satisfaction. These are problems that can be dealt with.

For young people like myself, cases like relationship issues should not be entertained. Forget that quote of “matters of the heart”, yes the heart is fragile and since we’re not yet qualified to truly understand what “love” is, we must give our hearts in with caution.

In terms of jobs, you find what you desire. Where your passion is almost to say, and that’s what you live with. You can only depressed or stressed out with your work when you lack passion for what you do. Don’t get me wrong, there are days when the workload becomes a heavy one to take, but those are days you prove your desire and passion to pull through them.

We must take note that society has a number of complex issues. We have those who will praise genuinely and constantly for your good works, then we have those who will constantly get bitter at whatever you do.

Then we have those who will pretend to want your good will, but behind will be either mocking or planning your downfall. We also have those who will criticize you when you go wrong but will encourage and praise your efforts.

However we must remember that we as individuals have rights and choices to be who we want to be. At the end of the day, our choices are not made for us, we make those choices because that’s how we feel and that’s what we want to do or who we want to be, and there are those who will accept us and those who won’t. Either ways, life goes on.

So basically the point is simple. We have a lot to live for, hence we need not spend time worrying about things that will not positively inspire us on to keep pushing in life.

We also need positive people around us. People who will not only love and accept us but are not afraid to point a finger and say “What you did is stupid! Get your act right!”

Some people did not get the chance to live today. Others are starving, in critical position and almost at deaths peril, yet you live. Why would you want to throw it all away?

Wise Up!


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