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Words Of Inspiration (#188)

I’m encouraged sometimes by sporting teams and personalities to keep striving for the best. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been watching my favorite basketball team, Miami Heat, going on an incredible 27 winning streak. They are now as a result of this on going streak, the 2nd highest team to ever in the division to attain the most number of consecutive wins and no one knows when it will stop.

The key to their success has been inspired by three factors; a moment of bonding after one game @ Orlando, one of their key players Shane Battiers speech, and they wanting to keep improving in every game that they play. Indeed there’s a real togetherness in there when they step on and off the court.

Why have I used Miami Heats run as a catalyst for this inspiration? Its simple actually, sometimes we need to derive inspiration from the success stories of others to spurs us on to greater heights. As much as you would like to tell yourself that “I can do it” or “I’m made of steel”, its the spirit of performances of others that you need sometimes to give you hope.

It doesn’t matter if your goal or role is different from the success story. Its about the moral principles you gain from that success story. The spirit, heart and soul put in to every performance. It may just be what you need to see you through work all week, you never know until you use that as your fuel.

The amazing thing about this is that when the team does lose form or even just a game, you feel it too, especially when its a team that you’re a fan of. Its the about developing the winning or positive mental spirit from these story makers. The ability to go on a consistent run of achievements and ability to rise from any setback however small or large they maybe.

To be a champion, you must seek to think, act and push like one.


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