Poetic State Of Mind

Letters To That Mawudɔla…

She said “I’ll teach you to fly”
My heart sank for a moment as
I flipped through the pictures of
the album,

I’d long to see the day we’d meet
Face to face, standing toe to toe,
And although I was some 2feet
taller I just wanted to wrap her
in my arms,

Nyɛ Mawudɔla,
Nyɛ shika kpe,
How deep is falling too deep
for you,
How hard is it to fall for your

What oceans do I need to cross,
What lengths must I go through to show
you that indeed, the glass slipper
was designed for your feet?

I’m humbled by your physique,
But weakened by your character within,

I may not deserve you because you
may have it all,
But all I want is to help you cross that
Walk with you along that shore,

That shore that bears your many flaws,
Love panic not, we can tread across,
Across together like Ike and Tina,
Like Barack and Michelle,
We can make history one day for our grandkids to tell

Mawudɔla, the angel,
You speak to me almost instinctively,
Like identical twins, we feel each others
Joy and pain,

We might try and try to hide what we feel
But deep down, we connect like the dot on
top of an “i”,

Your worth is unimaginable,
Priceless you are,
And your scars are a true reflection
of your numerous damaged affections,
They treated you like dirt,
Here let me polish your heart and reveal
to you the star that you are,

Today as I write this,
In spite of my foolish pride and my lustful
Lɛ ny3 ashie,

Let your tears be my pain,
And let those tears beat me like

Trust me,
Trust me when I say, you deserve happiness
and not hurt,
Trust me when I ask you to fall free from
the mountains peak,
If I fail to catch you then may death be the end of me..


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