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Words Of Inspiration (#189)

Happiness as I tell people is a priceless gift to own. Its a feeling that bears no blemish nor qualms. Sometimes I wonder whether we truly cherish the moment we do attain happiness. Do we value the joy we have or do we momentarily enjoy it only to let go within a blink of an eye?

Only you can deprive yourself of happiness. I see people fall in love and they swear they are the happiest people alive, yet what you don’t see is the hurt that burns within them. I ask myself “why keep yourself in a situation that isn’t working?”. “Why leave your happiness in the hands of others only for them to constantly dismantle it?”

We are sometimes blind to the facts that although pain serves as a lesson, it isn’t necessary a good thing to go through on a daily basis. As much as we might scared to lose whoever, being ridden for a fool or through a rollercoaster of emotions is not the best way to live. You might want to hold onto the pain and keep faith, but someday that pain will be the death of you.

Others also allow the slightest words rattled off the tongue to get them, some even allow situations get the better of them. I’ve seen bitter people in my lifetime, nothing brings them joy or a smile out of them. My question is why spend your something years on earth not being appreciative or joyous of a single gift that has been offered to you?

I tell people, even the poor wake up with something to smile about. The fact that they wake up each day to know they have life is enough to bring them joy irrespective of their lowest points. Its better to think of moments, gifts, opportunities that you have or may have had to keep hoping of better days to come even in times that are deemed hard.

One thing I know and some might argue strongly here that the less happier you are, the quicker your life span reduces. Take it how you want it, the point is, look around you, think of all the possible things you can do to affect someone or some peoples lives or even yourself positively.

Your problems (if you have any) can never be as crucial as someone who’s starving somewhere, or someone who needs a transplant of some sort to survive the rest of his or her days. These are even people who show broken hearted emotions but bitterness is a page never in their book. They however need the words or better yet, the smile of someone, anyone to let them know that they’re being thought about.

Happiness is a feeling of purity, let your happy days overshadow your dark moments.


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