Poetic State Of Mind

Pain vs Confusion…

You’ve been struggling to find yourself,
War against you,
You are your own enemy,

Behind lines of loneliness,
You thought it be wise seek shelter
in an eagles nest,

Was it for the best, that the same
eagle would compress and
oppress you into a box of endless
When you could have avoided its
venom that oozed out of its vile

And yet..here you are,
With your stubborn nature reflected in
both physical and mental scars?

You don’t even know your own identity?
Blinded by the luxury of a spendthrift and
a 2-door bentley,

You didn’t think it was wise of you,
To listen to those emotions that wanted to
set you free?
You thought the vowels on the altar included
“In disgrace or battery”?

Now you sit here,
Reflecting over years that have gone to
Years that you could have been savored
now left with bitter taste,

And you have no one but yourself to blame,
Shame, you chose to luv for the fame,
The price that comes with fame

As you lie here with all these wounds
I ask you was it worth putting yourself
through this mill of hurt?

Would your mother be proud
Or full of regret?
What she once called her princess,
Is now a dejected dead beat reject,

Friends you started with from the bottom
Rose through the ranks and have earned their
medals on their ring finger,
But you’re still here,

The first cuts always the deepest,
You knew this the day you broke
your virginity,
To some dude who would rather expose
your weakness than grow and build on
your intelligence and integrity,

May God forgive your heart,
May your unborn daughter not suffer
this twist of fate,

May wisdom prevail in the soul that
wonders in the peril of naives gate,
May your heart find its halves of
redemption, sewn in strength,
Never to depart


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