Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#191)

Do we appreciate Gods creations? Sure its easy to say yes but I’ll have you know that 90% of us don’t in reality. One of the creations that we really give less appreciation to is our bodies.

No I’m not talking about tattoos, neither am I talking piercings. I’m talking about the skin tone. I ask myself to what benefit is it to change the tone that was given to you from birth. Beauty as I have known from birth is more of an inward sentiment rather than physical sentiment.

Believe me, if God had created everyone perfect, there would probably be an imbalance or no beauty. Many don’t see it, but the imperfections are what we notice about humans when talking about beauty. Toning from dark to light won’t have anyone appreciate you. Even if the person claims to, its not genuine appreciation.

We were all created with a touch of uniqueness and that uniqueness is what defines our beauty. I see females and even some males today going through this bleaching process and I ask how different their lives will change after the process?

Our forefathers would have even discarded all these makeup products if they were to be alive because natural beauty speaks volumes and its even much more radiant when attitude/persona is flawless.

You don’t need to go to lengths to look aesthetically acceptable to society. What counts the most is what comes out of the heart because at the end of the day, people will want to remember you for your attitude and deeds, and not how you look.


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